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Welcome to Milton Muslim Community Centre
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Welcome to Milton Muslim Community Centre (MMCC), where we're dedicated to serving our community with a range of essential services.

Friday Prayers

At Milton Muslim Community Centre (MMCC), we extend a warm invitation to join us for our Jumma prayers, held at the Sherwood Community Centre. Led by our esteemed Imams, Hafiz Jawad Ali and Hafiz Tanveer Alam, our Jumma prayers provide a sacred space for communal worship and reflection. Whether you're seeking spiritual solace or community connection, we welcome you to join us in this blessed gathering.

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Support the mission of Milton Muslim Community Centre (MMCC) by making a donation today. Your generosity enables us to continue providing essential services to our community, fostering spiritual growth, educational opportunities, and outreach initiatives. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a meaningful impact in enriching the lives of individuals and families within our community. Together, let's build a stronger, more vibrant community centered on faith, compassion, and service. Donate now and be a part of positive change at MMCC.

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